14 going on 15 5"7 135lbs?

with that said how much protein should i be taking within daily if i want to build muscle

30 min previously working out and within the hour after; If you want the extra see one more time after dinner.-100% Whey protein
You are so short for a guy!
You'll probably stay that agency LOLOL.
take surrounded by around 1-2 protein for every pound you weight.
Skim milk is apposite for protein so it egg whites also there is a protein powder call meso-tech that gives around 45g of protein.
Eating protein lacking using muscle gives you a stomach smarting, but about a teaspoon, I'd vote.
Eat some red meat, kill deer w/ your showing hands.
It's be a long *long* time since I was 14 (LOL), but I'll bestow you some real well-mannered advice.

Ask your doctor. I'm serious.

At beneath 15, you still haven't started to really 'flesh out', so to speak. You can check with your coach at college, but I'd put the family doctor contained by the loop. And I'll tell you why.

You've probably hear about the diabetes epidemic within this county. A personal friend of mine was a body builder spinal column when he was a juvenile and young fully developed. He is 5' 11" tall, is very soon 68 years old, and weigh around 370 pounds! He has problems. Quite a few.

I lost my charge in 2004 and, at age 60, hold to take physical type job despite some education and certifications. I'm working near larger men (I'm only 5' 8" and weigh 145 pounds) and however can outperform them! I had to move up one end of a 350 point chute as the other guy have a bad put money on. Another has a desperate leg. Most of them are overweight. What starts out great as a lot of muscle turns to portly if you cease to exercise - and once you are married, ethnic group and work considerations just might impact exercise considerably.

This is why I influence check with your clan doctor. I am not a health professional, but, at age 14, I suspect you want something a few years sooner than you are plausible to obtain it.

Don't verbs too much; you will flesh out. Just check with a doctor beforehand modifying your diet too severely.

Good luck!

Best regards,

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