1/2 hour on the egg-shaped after counterweight circuit or weights first consequently cardio??

What is better for weightloss/ fat burning?

My trainer other wanted me to do 30 minutes of cardio formerly doing weights for weight loss. It worked I lost 50 lbs.
Weights first. The motivation being that you want to be at top life levels to move up your weights and give it adjectives you've got. Cardio is more just about fluid movement and if your muscles are a little fatigued, you'll still know how to get your heart rate up. If you do cardio first, you won't know how to lift as much
ideally you should be splitting up your cardio/weight routine. counterbalance training is the thing that's going to maintain you continuously burning calories even after your workout and into the next year but you also must have 48hours rest within between weight training sessions because muscle wants time to rest and repair itself, thus making it stronger. cardio is going to burn fat while your doing it but thats it. too much cardio will formulate you lose muscle mass which is NOT what you want for weight loss. the more muscle you own the more calories your body uses even when you're at rest. a half hour of cardio is best. however if you insist on doing both in soon i would say thaw up with the cardio afterwards go into your immensity routine.
I had asked the amazingly same question to my personal trainer and she have advised me to do the egg-shaped first -- to get my heart rate up and after to move as quickly as I could from bulk to weight to protract a elevated heart rate. This would extend the benefit of my cardio training longer.
Cardio first to get warm up, then weights. Don't cool bad too much when doing weights. Push yourself!
Weights first, then cardio.
resourcefully, i go to a great personal trainer, and to tone up and procure in shape i do cardio first next a good workout near the weights! i have gain muscle and that is what i needed because i play volleyball
personally i similar to the 1/2 hour cardio first... gets the body warm and loosened... then when you heave the weights its not a strain on cold muscles... theyre already warmed up be doing it that way a year and a partly... lost 65 lbs... good luck
weights first and consequently cardio but its better if you do 45min cardio because the first 20-30min body burns carbs and only after starts burning fat

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