"stepper twister exercise machine" does it work?

Does anyone have the brookstone stepper twister excersise contraption? i am using it right now and i of late got it so im wondering if it really works and if it help tone your legs or if its just a bunch of bs.

any exercise electrical device will work. You actually own to use it to make it work. Whether or not it works as fitting as it does on tv is up for debate, but they all work
yes i enjoy one and it works really good,,my mom uses it adjectives the time..
Im not sure about the mechanism you have but an awesome impression is the Core Fitness Ball. Google Secret Core Fitness Ball you'll know its the right one when you see Brooke Burke. You have to do the work out though it works mircales think twice around babies, cats, and other animals.
I'm thinking dance barn dance revolution http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/dance_dance...
As exercise
Many news outlets own reported how playing DDR can be good aerobic exercise; some regular players enjoy reported weight loss of 10–50 pounds (5–20 kg). In one example, a player found that including DDR contained by her day-to-day life resulted surrounded by a loss of 95 pounds.[1] It is argued, however, that the cases of significant weight loss own all be stories where a significantly overweight player loses a few pounds, and next becomes motivated to pocket action to lose freight, including dieting and regular gym attendance. Although reports of weight loss enjoy not been scientifically measured, frequent schools use DDR as a physical lessons activity contained by gym, and in Norway, DDR have even been registered as an public servant sport.

Many home versions of the spectator sport have a function to estimate calories burned, given a player's substance. Also, players can use "workout mode" to make a diary of calories burned playing DDR and any self-reported change in the player's counterweight.

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