Info on metabolism and nutrition for odd science experiment?

I recently did a science experiment for college where we tag on up the calories we eat and compare it to the recommendation on different websites. MyPyramid says I should munch through 2200-2400 cals per day and most calculators (just base on math) say 1600-1900. Shockingly plenty, I eat a whopping 3000! And I'm a 12 year feeble girl, only 120 pounds. I'm influential and muscular, not worried about my body, but freshly wonder how it's possible to eat so much? How does metabolism work? I already knowledgeable the basics, but...does anyone hold more information?

Is eating this much food discouraging for me? Will it contribute to health problems surrounded by the future? I devour about 3-5 fruits and veggies a time and plenty of healthy foods, along next to probably 4 or 5 junk foods.

Judy, your on a daily basis caloric requirements are really dependent on your lean muscle to body fat ratio and your buzz levels. 3000 calories a daytime seems for a time high for your size, but afterwards again, if you are extremely active (meaning practicing a sport every hours of daylight, running, etc.), you may actually entail that many calories to argue your body weight.

Although you may be consuming around 3000 calories surrounded by food, you might be burning between 500-800 a day next to intense activity. If that's the valise, you are left near around 2300 a day, which is closer to what I would expect for someone beside your weight and body composition. Even 2300 seem a bit on the high side, but respectively person is different. You may also own a slightly higher metabolism -- some ethnic group can just guzzle a lot minus putting on weight. However, those inhabitants also tend not to have as much muscle (which you read aloud you do), so you may not be able to dune on that metabolism for your entire life.

For comparisons sake, I weigh 175 at more or less 11% bodyfat and do an hour of cardio four days a week, and two hours of high intensity mass training the other three days. I consume around around 2800 calories a day and my immensity is pretty stable on those levels. I'm also surrounded by my 30s, which also means that my metabolism is a bit slower than a teenager's (unfortunately.) So it's not entirely apples-to-apples, here.

The unwanted items foods may be one of the things contributing to the extra calories -- since they are often calorie-dense because of excessive sugar and fat. Look at your calorie counts for the individual foods you eat and I bet you'll find the second-hand goods foods are the highest overall.

As long as you aren't putting on excessive stout, I wouldn't sweat the calories. If you notice that you are achievement more fat than you'd similar to, just dial your food put a bet on a little bit. You're growing and you involve the nutrition.

Being aware of how what you eat impact your health is a pious thing and that expertise can help you be paid better food and exercise decisions for the rest of your go. Just don't obsess on it (which it sounds approaching you're not doing.)

Best of luck!

You said "weird science" pious movie!

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