50 Cent looks similar to a chimpanzee?

And he can't rap, he just dialogue in a montone drone and you can't net out what he is saying. Even if you can work out what he is motto, it is only nearly how much money and girls he has, and how he is going to shoot everybody.

He ain't gangster, he ain't a apposite rapper. Why do people approaching him?

I agree with everything you said, especially the chimpanzee. People similar to him because he sucks just as desperate as most mainstream musicians.
Why do culture like rap?
capably, im not a big fan of him.. but i will influence he has a nice body... that movie find rich or die trying was pretty well brought-up i thought.
If he is a bad rapper than what rappers are better than him? Im not aphorism he is good or anything but who are we comparing him to?
don't know why anybody like him they probably just close to his music not really him he's alright.
i don't know why people approaching him either and your rite he do look resembling a monkey lol
YES, someone who thinks approaching me
oh come on now... "In Da Club" be one of the best rap songs ever.. what a bouncy beat... and you can fathom out everything he is saying!
Yet he is still richer than you and I
Cuz he do what he wanna and dont protection about a few ppl that dont close to him. He kno he got millions of otha culture das gonna buy his albums and make deal with him so he gettin cake no matta wut.

His first album Get Rich or Die Tryin be one of da hardest albums dat came out since 2000...even today you can put it contained by n press play WITHUT SKIPPING! Maybe das y...

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