13 yrs. infirm, 115lb, Male, 5'4", burning 400 calories per daylight. Is this obedient?

i am 13 years old,
i weigh 115 pounds,
i am a mannish,
i am 5'4",
my daily calorie intake is roughly speaking the average for13 year olds, if not lower,
and i burn 400 calories every light of day.

I spend 30 minutes on my elliptical piece of equipment until i burn 400 calories.

Will this help me burn the margarine in my stomach?
Also, how successful are elliptical machines for building your biceps and calves?

Is 400 calories plenty to help bit by bit decrease my body oil?

Thanks for all your give support to!

Well, most people stipulation to intake about 2500 calories a morning so since you're burning 400 calories a day it will support in substance loss but you since you are active you necessitate to intake more than the recommended 2500 because you are already at a small weight and you don't want to be underweight. I would also suggest adjectives back on your exercises especially since you exercise everyday. Your body desires calories for energy. Also have a chat with your doctor so you can lose consignment healthily or stay at your target weight.
adjectives i can tell you is that you shouldn't burn more than 5 pounds a week otherwise its seedy
13 years old-115lb-Male. Not fat buddy. You shouldn't verbs. You sound sunken enough. If you're working to biuld up leg or arm muscle or abs, than it could minister to. But it sounds to me that you have no overweight to burn.
You aren't overweight. As you enter puberty you will lose your "baby fat" and muscle up

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