**** Growth Spurth ****?

If you are in the age zone or on your Growth Spurth, and you workout, near weights, e.t.c, will it affect your growth?

im about to be 14 surrounded by July

Working out wil not affect your growth at all. Lifting weights works the muscular system. While your growth is done by the skeletal system. They are two seperate systems, so one does not affect the other.

However, lifting weights while you are not on the other hand done growing can cause a trunk problem. If you are growing and the growth plates on the bones (the part of the bone where on earth growth occurs) have not fully closed, if you push too rugged with the weights, for example to catch too many reps from the exercise, you could finish up with an affulsion fracture of the bone. An affulsion fracture occur because the ligament that connects the muscle to the bone is stronger than the area of bone where on earth the ligament attaches, and it cause the ligament to verbs off parts of the bone, end up in an affulsion fracture.

The best item if you want to workout is just not to be in motion to full failure on an exercise.
Nope. Should facilitate it.
Yes, working out during your growth spurt will help build muscular strength better than working out at any other module of your life. If youre getting a honourable workout while you're muscles are already growing, it will make you profusely stronger.
it'll affect you bein' in shape. if you want help out in a growth spurt, hold meals containing lots of calcium. i'll be 15 contained by august-happy birthday! :)
As long as you do weights right you should be fine.


Thanks and Good Hope.

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