A girl who doesnt put away thoroughly much?

Ok So I'm really trying to loose weight and chomp through healthier and I'm also a lacto-vegetarian. Last week this guy I'm crushing on asked me to go to breakfast earlier school so we go and He is those really fit guess who can eat for hours and hours and still stay sexy! ;] and I'm a girl who will get through 100 more calories than normal and im up by 5lbs..you see my problem?
Well that morning i get away from eating that fattening food beside saying it be "too early" [6am] and wasn't hungry so i just get a coffee[10calories] (even though i DID eat breakfast Special K that morning up to that time i left. but i didn't want to tel him wreak you know, he's think its rude since i KNEW we be going to eat..)
Well he keep asking me to go devour after/before school and i other say no because i never know what to gain since i dont really eat rapid food and i dont want to go and WATCH him drink, he will think im a freak and stuff. So you see this is my problem, what can i do??/

Fast food is not healthy--even if you're avoiding meat. Tell him you're avoiding hasty food and (if he's cool) he should understand. Ask if you could seize a cup of cocoa, coffee, or tea at your local coffee place and avoid the breakfast thing adjectives together.
at 14 dont be so concerned about your cargo.maybe instead of going out, invite him over or something and enjoy a healthhy meal next to low calories.
just share him that u like to put away healthy.dunt wrry, at hand are lots of ppl who arent fat but still similar to to eat athletic so its not even a big deal.he'll markedly understand :)
How come you are such a freak over your freight etc..I mean it's really GOOD that you attention to detail about your bulk and watch it but afterwards I think you are going over the string. I am not sure why are you a vegetarian for religious purpose or to lose shipment but then consent to me tell you that drinking meat(in moderation) won't make you gain freight. It's alright to eat quick food once in a while or it's alright to get through "different" food once in a while. When I be younger I used to be on ALL different kinds of diets, pills anything you term it. But what was I missing??EXERCISE!You necessitate to EXERCISE too!..Now I eat what I want (normally within moderation) sometimes I go over but I catch to eat what I want and hold enough sleep. I also try and exercise 30mins 3 times a week. I don't other do it but then lately I get a dog so I want to because I know he needs the wander too.I was told that girls that don't guzzle when they go out is nice off a turn past its sell-by date. I mean you soak up each other company and devour together...that's fun instead of one watching the other person consumption. You really can have a bit.REALLY DO NOT get so fixate over your weight that much because you are still going thru your puberty..You don't want to spoil your condition because of this too.

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