How prehistoric is behind the times now?how antediluvian is the average 60 year antediluvian compared to 30 40 years afgo?

I work in a hospital next to elderly people. Anyone who is below 75 I would say is moderately young. I own also seen a few patients over 100 who still live alone surrounded by their own homes. Seems to be the ones who never married as well, interestingly satisfactory!

My parents are in their 60s. They still come across like they are contained by their 40s to me.
I think it depends on the being. My Dad is 90 and you seldom find him at home...he's very involved. I'm 52 and feel similar to 90 SHOULD feel:-)
50's the latest 40, and 40's the new 30! Since relations are living longer these days, 60 really isn't that elderly at all! I wouldn't ring up someone "old" unless they were close to 80.or if they acted really old! lol
i guess you will feel indistinguishable inside nomatter what age you are.
I wouldn't class 60 as old anymore, merely older! My mum is 60 and she's fit as a jiggle, active and on the globe. She looks fab and could do anything a 40 year old could do. I reckon I don`t know late 70 can be classed as feeble.
I would say the average 60 year older is about alike age as a average 60 year old from 40 years ago.
how outdated is old ? elder than me
at 35 i find myself envying young girls contained by their 20's looking so hip and care free
it make me feel out-of-date probably because i've had to grow up since the birth of my son 3 years ago
A human being 60 today is much younger than 30 or 40 years ago...I should know...I am 60! Still working...using computers...taking my dogs to nursing homes for therapy to much elder people. A woman once asked me to share a chalice of wine on her birthday..."I am old today...I am 80". That is getting up within!!
you're as young or as antiquated as you feel,its you as the party that counts.
At the turn of the century (1899-1900), the average life expectancy contained by this country was 49.2 years. In 1996 it be 76.5 years. Therefore, a 60 year old entity today would be equivalent to a 38.6 year old entity at that time.
Mmmmh !
seems i`m not such an infirm fart after all

All depends on the being u r feeling. Lol
Well, I'll manage 60 next year (all going well) but I have a feeling mentally about 40, it's singular when I look in the mirror and see the truth!
I've be in healthcare adjectives my life and 50 used to be ancient. Now people contained by their 8o's are still active. Healthcare is so much better presently and we are living longer. Of course,it is all relative. Plastic surgery and staying moving have really kept us from have to look older than we have a feeling. Just remember this ,so you can enjoy your after that years. Take care of your body as it will be serving you for a long time to come. God bless.
in good health l will be 50 this year and for a while l've been dreading it but l give attention to beacuse we are living longer now that the unknown 50 is between 35/40 and 60 is between45/50. but your as old as you touch and well it depends who you are reaction !
I kind of know what you are getting at.

When I be a student patients in nursing homes be old codgers of 65. Now most are capably over 75 and many are over 85. We are both living longer and to some extent ageing more slowly.

I would read out ' old ' in this day and age is at least 75.

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