Fast food lunch for Weight Watchers?

Please Help! I didn't have time to build lunch this morning and I'm on weight watchers I own to go drink at either Subway or McDonalds (closest to my work). Does anyone know what I can lay down and how many points it's worth? Thanks for any relieve!

Subway would be your best bet. In general 40 calories = 1 pt.
basically get a salad from subway,the salads at mc donalds r kinda packed to the gunwales with calories so i would vote subway! deff,not sure how many points though (if any hehehe)
Eat at subways !! A turkey sub is single like 6 points !! And it fill you up.
Have a subway 6 inch veggie on wheat with no cheese or mayo. but you can own any veggies you want.

I think thats 4 or 5 points. almost adjectives from the bread.

Or, you could try their salads too.
Subway Roast Beef, Turkey or Ham Sandwich is 4pt and worth it.

McDonald's Filet-O-Fish 9pt

McDonald's Hamburger and a small serving of fries 11pt

McDonald's Grilled Chicken California Cobb Salad with 1 1/2 oz 7pt
Veggie Delight from Subway (6") or chicken fajitas from McDonald's
get through a 6" grilled chicken on wheat no cheese all the veggies you want and a diet coke. i.e. the healthiest thing you can put away figure out your points when you obtain home.
subway is always well again but if you eat at mcdonalds get hold of a happy collation
Subway would be the best choice. Fill yours up with tons of veggies and turkey, chicken breat, etc. It fill you up.
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