Are SoBe LifeWaterTM and Glacéau vitaminwater any good for you?

I was often curious, and recently my sister brought a bottle of vitaminwater home to try. She liked it, and I decided to buy a bottle myself.

I started drinking the LifeWater, because it advertised alot of B vitamins (which I was told to take along with ginger as a cure for nausea)

Today I bought some VitaminWater by mistake, but it tastes the same / same vitamins.

Does anyone know if these are any good, or is it like Redbull (Just advertised to sucker people into spending money for the same amount of sugar they'd get in two cups of tea)?

They do have a lot of good stuff in them (100% of most vitamins!), and they're definitely better than soda The only down side, is that they have a high caloric intake, and they're full of electrolytes, like Gatorade or Powerade. Electrolytes are great when you're exercising, but if not, they don't do anything except add calories! I would say, drink them if you like them, but beware of the cals, and I wouldn't reccomend them en masse =)

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