Which fat?

..are the bad ones that will collect aound my middle. im piling on the bulk but I eat alot of fish, chicken etc. So perchance its the chocolate?

^You may have answered your own press, you eat profusely.
If by this you mean you guzzle more healthy foods than ill foods that's different.

I would go to the doctor to rule out anything medical. If your still at a loss, no pun intended, set up an appointment near a nutritionist, keep a document of everything and I mean everything you chomp through and drink, including how much, the nutritionist will go over your inventory and will determine what needs to be changed and afford you healthier alternatives for the foods you approaching.

The fats that are discouraging for you are trans fats, including hydrogenated and to a certain extent hydrogenated fats and oil, unfortunately they still exist surrounded by a lot of the processed foods we devour. The good fat are olive oil, canola grease, safflower oil etc.

It's not necessarily the chocolate, again it depends on how much you chomp through. Eating just something like anything in excess, you will put on counterbalance.

I know we all hold on to hearing this but are your exercising, are you sitting around more than usual?

Other things come into play, your age and your sex, as you receive older it's harder to keep going a proper weight. I hope this help, good luck.
Saturated podginess and trans fats are harmful( trans fat being the more toxic of the two) and should be limited.
They can be found contained by shorting, cookies, crackers, biscuits, fatty meat like beef and pork and abundantly of other foods. Chocolate also contains saturated fat and should be limited. I would recommend some core exercises approaching Pilate's. Chicken and most fish are low in oil and some fish, like salmon, contain hight level of omega-3 fatty acids (which is the good fat).
Yes, chocolate will do it. The chubby around the middle is the hardest to lose, and sometimes, impossible. Just be sure to drink plenty of water, and devour a balanced diet low surrounded by fat and sugar.
fish is ok .. chicken is ok if you don`t put away more than the whole entity , chocolate hmm that raised a big interview mark . listen if you exercise alot than you can munch through a litlle more than you burn off
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