A Question roughly home-made Orange Juice!!?

Is it ok to keep the fresh home-made ORANGE JUICE at room remperature (or may be more) for 2 or 3 hours?

My husband hold an appointment for Upper GI with SB. He have to take that examination without any food/drink (even water). Appointment is at 10 am, and we dont know how much time he may enjoy to wait until the check is done. (That's why i am guessing 3 hrs. max). From the hospital he has to drive to his organization (30 min drive).

{He is taking prescribed Iron capsules right presently for Iron deficiency (with OJ to enhance the incorporation of Iron)}

Thank You.

The OJ won't go discouraging during that time, but it will lose a great deal of it's vitamin C. Why don't you lately get him a bottle of something for that daylight?
No it loses vitamin C.
sure.think in the order of it oranges at the grocery store are not cooled
You should put it in the refrigerator to remain its orangy freshness.
It will be fine for 2-3 hours on an occasional principle.
why dont you just stick it surrounded by the frige?

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