_______ is/are an integral subdivision of blood, which carry nutrients to adjectives parts of the body...multiple choice?

A. White blood cells
B. Platelets
C. Amino Acids
D. Water

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amino acids
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white blood cell
Some nutrients are fat-soluble and the others are ____-soluble. The answer is the same answer as your give somebody the third degree.
Look in the spinal column of your book - the glossary.
i wouldnt have said it be any of those answer. White blood cells attack pathogens within the form of lymphocytes and phagocytes. I think its red blood cell that have haemoglobin contained by them. Nutrients are absorbed by the haemoglobin and thus carried around the body/

A. White Blood Cells- abet the body fight diseases.
B. Platelets- Help to coagulate and make available density to the blood
C. Amino Acids-What the body uses to turn it into protein according to every organ needs.
D. Water or Plasma- Is the "whey" of the blood, and it help to carry the white blood cell, red blood cell (that carries oxygen), amino acids, platelets, etc.
Anyway, the entire blood itself transport nutrients to adjectives the organs in the body.

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