9 weeks to lose 27 lbs?

I am 15 years old, i am 6'1 and i want to lose 28 lbs in 9 weeks, is it possible for me to lose 2.91 lb per week?

Current Weight
Your freight is 235 lb as of 06/06/2007.

Weight Goal
Your goal is to weigh 208 lb by 08/10/2007

Goal Progress
You are currently 27 lb above the target freight.

The deadline for your goal is 65 days (9 weeks, 2 days) away.

To assemble your goal you entail to lose about 2.91 lb per week.

I started attending gym as of final night, i will be going 6 days a week, i will be swimming alot 3-4 days a week.
Is it possible for me to lose 27 lbs surrounded by 9 weeks ?
Any tips, help, anything i can use to lose solidity, I WILL BE VERY THANK FULL.

~thanks in credit.

It is most definitely possible and it sounds approaching you're committed to doing it which is sometimes the hardest part.

Swimming is excellent for you - any type of cardio activity is best for substance loss. Also keep track of your calorie intake (maybe shoot for in the region of 1500-1800 calories per day save less)

Either way, to answer your grill it is possible! Good luck to you!
well on is to lessen thr food you help yourself to. i myself has loosed 8 lbs contained by week on a strict diet ofcourse. no skipping of meals only enough food to hold me going. the secret is i get through only oatmeal at hours of darkness. no other stuffs, just plain oatmeal.
during the light of day, i have biscuit and a small pack of nuts for breakfast and a full standard lamp meal for lunch. what do i anticipate by "full light meal" i used to chomp through 2 cups of rice and any dish i want this time i only munch through 1 cup of rice and small serving of any dish that i want. its still of of what i need for the rest of the time but light adequate for me not to gain any fat.
hope this minister to.
plus your on a work you should loose if you follow my suggestion.
that is profoundly of weight to lose within a very short time, but it is possible
only just make sure you are not adjectives your body, or it will start to store extra fat to protect itself.
you are big for a 15 year antiquated (mostly tall) but you are still very infantile so don't worry too much more or less it
concentrate on long term strength goals. losing freight will help you to discern and live better, but it cannot be a nine week thing. you must conversion your lifestyle so you live a healthy life span.
often, consignment that you lose that quickly get added back on almost as summarily, but if you work at it and are careful, it can work. at your age, i would suggest chitchat to a doctor, counselor, or dietition before and during your diet and excercise regime, to cause sure what you are going to do will be ok for your body and to make sure you verbs to stay healthy. within is no point in losing that weightiness if it hurts you in the process.
I would suggest a cleansing diet. I did this and lost 12 pounds and 19 inches surrounded by 9 days. I continued and lost 29 pounds in a month. I approaching the program since it works by giving your body nutrition through protein shakes with digestive enzymes and vitamins and afterwards cleansing out the toxins. We get toxins contained by our bodies from pesticides, preservatives, water, pollution, medication, food additives etc…. These toxins enter our bodies and get stored contained by our fat cell. To shrink the fat, we involve to get rid of the toxins through cleansing. The program also have a natural diet pill to support your metabolism and curb cravings. It works and it works fast. My skin have improved from the cleansing. It is pricey but worth it! I consider cleansing is really important to robustness and weight loss. Call the toll free 1-877-587-4647 Give it a try and biddable luck! http://diet4cleansing.com
check this site they provide a program so as to lose about 9 lbs. every 11 days, and it really works, i subscribed for this program for almost 2 months ago ,and it's for real it help me alot.Here is the link http://overweight-solution.co.nr... ,hope it help.

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