15 Minutes Everyday?

I know we are supposed to workout for 1 hour at least to burn some plump off the body...but right in a minute i cant do that. i live in florida and its horror when your out contained by the sun going running...i was planning on going running contained by the evening...which i am very resourcefully gonna do. but i have no excercise machines...and i dont step to a gym. im 13 okay? but anyways...im starting to do cardio...but i cant do 1 hour at a time...today i only did 15 minutes, and ive be eating nutritious. is this good? im gonna work my agency up to an hour...is 15 minutes a good start, or do i necessitate to push myself more?

oh and do u have any other philosophy for cardio? i dont have a bike..im getting one, but i cant win it yet. and i dont enjoy excercise videos..or the equipment to use them.

a start is other a start...try 30 minutes, if you can to start. If its too hard try lower levedl/speed on the cardio tool and move up and down for the 30 minutes.
example on the treadmill star by walking for about 10 minutes later run for 5 then put your foot for 5 then run and totter (cool down) eventually you should be able walk on longer, whatevr machien you are using. Just stick to it whether its 15 minutes or an hour...do it and good luck! :)
Starting at any amount is better than not exercising at adjectives.

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