12 yr mature, 8 ibs overwieght, deperate for answers?

can someone plz give some flowing dietary tips. I cant exersice too great, and im desperate for any diet tips. Can someone please give me design. I'm 8 pounds overweight. my ideal counterweight is 101 ibs, and right now im averaging 109. Please contribute me some tips. PLEASE

The first key is to stop stressing so much over it. When you stress roughly speaking your weight, it make you eat more (especially since you are alreading thinking almost food and weight). 8lbs overweight isn't so bad - but is that 8lbs over what the experts read out, or what you think you should be? Studies own proven that if you want to burn fat, believe it or not, the best exercise is to do 2 x 20 minute walk per day (and not hurriedly ones either, if you tramp too fast you stop burning fat). I be going to the gym 3 hours a day going full on, and it did nought. When I started doing the walks it fell past its sell-by date. Make sure that you eat lots of veges, and some fruit everyday as ably as healthy cereal, (not coco pops: think museli, granola etc), 2 pieces of bread per morning (multigrain or oat bread - white bread won't keep you impression full). People who eat dairy products are slimmer than those who don't (i don't suggest ice cream: devour natural yogurt, drink milk and own low fat cheese). Stop ingestion crisps, fries, burgers, chocolate, butter, lollies, pop, and too much juice. Drink 8-12 eyeglasses of water a afternoon. Promise me that you won't get adjectives silly and diet until you get too water down or eating disorderish. I have an eating disorder as a youngster and now enjoy a lot of strength probs as a result (thin hair, stunted my growth, stomach problems, thinned teeth, bad skin). Just be ultra full-bodied (don't stress if you have a doomed to failure day - it's simply one day).
You shouldn't be desperate over 8 lbs., especially when you're only 12. Talk to your mother and grasp things in perspective.
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Dear, you are single 12, and 8 pounds is nothing to gain worried about. You are reaching puberty and the little one fat will start coming stale. Just watch your diet and exercise and you will be fine. I yearning I was freshly 8 pounds overweight.
Just watch what you devour baby! Stay away from the fatty foods resembling chips, dips, cheese's, etc. Enjoy your veggies and take a pace when you can! If your "mom" is bringing that kind of stuff contained by the house, ask her to stop and help you loose freight or at least not gain any more.
omg....girl i'm 12 too and i'm not stressin it because of my immensity you should be happy that you single way that much..other citizens are really obese.i way 120 and i'm not complaing....all right for those tips try to eat a middle-of-the-road portion of food each sunshine. Don't pig out or eat cast-offs food..try to exercise it helps i lost 7 pounds exercising and ingestion good...try it..apposite luck
You should be concentrating on getting good grades and have fun with your college mates. Play some intramural sports next to your friends.
Seriously you're probably just going through puberty. Last year I be 12 and 5'1 and weighed 112, consequently over the summer I grew 4 inches and didn't gain any weight. My middle newly grew faster than my height. I wouldn't verbs too much about losing counterbalance, but if you're desperate try cutting out unwanted items food, and instead of watching T.V all summer, and progress to the pool with some of your friends. You will be have fun and losing weight at equal time.

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