500 calories a daytime?

how much would you lose if you did this for a week? I don't need anyone preaching on here "don't do it, it's not on form...blah blah blah" Just answer the question asked please. People travel on fasting, master cleanse, and detox diets...that's drinking NOTHING, I'm gradually trying to engender my stomach smaller and lose weight within the process. Sooooooooooo...500 calories a day for a week, how much will a being lose?

It depends if you are exercising for the week too. If you don't exercise you would lose about two pounds, perchance three. If you add surrounded by 1 hour of exercising each daylight, you could push that to 5 maybe 6 pounds. You don't want to hear the preaching so I won't. Just bring in sure to drink lots of water. So yeah, exercising along the course will make you lose more.
it depends on how much you weigh and how much of to be exact muscle or fat.

muscle,per pound, burns 30-50 cals per year where as podgy, per pound, only burns 1-3 calories per daytime
approx 5 pounds.but you might be ebtter off consumption 1200-1500 and exercising alot.when you dont eat alot,what you DO guzzle is kept,ALL of it.your body freaks out and thinks it is going to starve so it save everything.btw,rice cakes are a perfect low calorie snack(at least the popcorn flavored ones are).
wow i kinda asked alike thing 2day..i guzzle only 180 calories a hours of daylight..it depends on ur height, freight, and how much exercise u do...and what u eat even if it is 500 calories a daylight...
ask your doctor.
I know you don't want to hear this, but please just listen for a minute.

It doesn't business how few calories you eat, you can't lose more than a couple of pounds of corpulent per week, your body just won't allow it. Now, I didn't utter you can't lose more than 2lb in mass per week, but losing weight and losing podgy are two separate things. As well as losing hefty, you can also lose muscle and that is not righteous. When you eat too few calories, your body starts to break down your muscle instead of margarine and when this happens your ratio of butter goes up.

Here, I'll explain why:

Lets articulate you weigh 120lb. You have 90lb of lean mass (muscle, bone, imperative organs) and the other 30lb is body fat. This would craft your percentage of body fat 25%.

Now, let imagine you lose 5lb by merely eating 500 calories for a week and presently you only weigh 115lb. You reflect on you have lost 5lb of solid. Wrong! You have probably lost 5lb of mostly muscle. So presently you have 85lb of lean mass and still 30lb of body heavy. And guess what, the percentage of fat on your body have now risen to 26%.

So you own lost weight, but very soon you are fatter.

And if you did gain the 5lb back again, it would in recent times be pure fat. So you would after be back to 120lb, but still own only 85lb of lean mass and in a minute 35lb of fat. Your body curvy percentage now stands at 29%.

So you are rear legs to your previous weight, but in a minute have a difficult body fat percentage than when you started! Keep going at this rate and you will become obese until that time you know it.

So please, if you want to lose fat, do it the in shape way. If you choose to close the eyes to this, then you singular have yourself to blame when you downfall up fatter. I made this mistake, I wouldn't want you to do the same.
you entail to burn 3500 calories to loose just one pound, it's a certainty.
i used to take 1000 calories per time and walk for one hour everyday so you burn roughly speaking 400 calories out of the 1000 you take , which leaves you next to a total of 600 calories a day , by doing so i used to loose 7 lbs per week .right luck
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1 pound

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