(ibs) does anyone know why cucumber affects my irritable bowel so much?

its the skin. i have same problem. ur stomach/digestive system have to work really hard to digest it and later thats where the problems adjectives start.

hope that helps. x
You're not supposed to put it up in that silly ...
Try it without the skin on.
It is the skin, it is so indigestible.
Maybe you shouldn't chomp through fruit.yea it's a fruit
It could be the seeds within the cucumber. Some people next to IBS can go on to develop a touch of diverticulitis (inflammation of the diverticulum box of the bowel) and this is aggravated by seeds and nuts surrounded by the diet.
possibly the skin, it affects people surrounded by many ways , best to coating it if you need to guzzle it, it gives closely of people snake!!

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