10 Points?

I'm female, 5'4" and 140 lbs. So I'm contained by the normal span in vocabulary of weight but not surrounded by terms of flab. I have road too much belly fat within the belly and thigh region. My abdomen (chest to stomach is also too wide). And I know its impossible to lose counterweight from any one part of your body which is why I want to lose stout overall. I would really appreciate it if someone made a plan for me that I could follow this summer. It can include running and exercise and all. Im also a adherent of fruits but not a lot of veggies. Also, I tend to munch through more junk food than I want to and I know this is a big factor for losing calories. I enjoy a treadmill, a bike, and a track I can walk on outside.

I really obligation the help. My friends speak Im not fat but I know they're basically being nice. I want to look my complete best for a wedding I'm going to by the finish of this year because I'm going to be a part of it and I really want to look virtuous and slim. All help will be appreciated. 10 POINTS for most conscientious! Thank You!!!

To lose 1lb a week you need a glum calorie balance of 500 calories per sunshine. To lose weight at 2lb a week you requirement to reduce your calorie intake by 1000 calories a sunshine

try this with atkins diet.. do some exersice as capably
You know what you have to do. What are you waiting for? Do what you said, cut out the unwanted items food and start exercising. It's tough, but just preserve that goal of what you want to look close to in your mind, put a picture of yourself over that favorite snack as a reminder. You can do it.
Find a good diet that works for you.
diet.com/" title="http://www.diet.com/">http://www.diet.com/

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