1and partially year contained by my room?

i live in my room for a year and partially.. what i mean is i dont be off my room or house .. i live with my father so we cant cook so we buy food from convinient store.. im so overweight i think im 50kilo when im still going outside immediately im 80kilo +... what kind of training should i do to become 50+ kilo plus again.oh and i enjoy no stamina of course ..im a mannish ..and tell me some set off food that i should eat ... i really enjoy no stamina i can only hop about 20 times .. do push up more or less 5times hehehehehe oh and by the way im 15 years infirm pls help me

Even if you can individual walk "5 steps", you should start by walking simply 5 steps. Your body will get use to it and soon you will be capable of walk 10 steps and consequently a mile and so on!
Try not to eat cultured foods eat lots of fresh wholesome foods. Drink lots of marine and natural juice. Do not munch on junk food (this are specified to steal people's energy) so stay away from them!
Go to sleep before 10 pm, your brain doesn't regenerate after 10 pm, which process, less vigour, less focus and smaller quantity memory. (You need these to function surrounded by life and school). Lack of hose down intake can also make you perceive with insufficiency of energy.
Do this and you will be idea better.
Another suggestion is, try to get some counseling if near is a problem you are going thru, or talk to your gym professor if you just want somebody who can motivate you.

Good luck to you, be well! :)
how much is 80 kilos? convert to pounds pleas...i cant lol
attain OUT OF YOUR ROOM. run, walk to the convenient store, play a activity outside...do something that will make you sweat, get through fruits. Good luck!
you should try to start excersising.. dont push youself to hard a moment ago try walking and increase the amount you walk slowly. ie hoof it around your block 5 times one day and 6 times the subsequent , or just hoof it until you feel fatiged eventully you will beging to build up streth
i guess you and your dad should learn how to cook. if you have need of a cookbook to help you, why not. i'm sure in attendance would be some dishes in the book that both of you would close to try. it's okay to go to a speedy food place because it's more convenient, but not all the time.

as for not going out of your house, you should. it is summer time and it's a time to dance out and have fun beside your friends and family. if you travel out of the house, that's where you'll gain your exercise. you can play sports with your friends similar to basketball or football or something. just hold fun. the more you do it, your stamina will start to come back slowly and eventually you'll touch better.

if you want to eat some sound treats/food, try fresh fruit and juice..most of adjectives drink a lot of hose down so that you don't get feeling thirst. as for meat, try to go for resembling the lean ground beef or something with smaller quantity fat contained by it. don't consume a lot starch as okay. don't forget your veggies too.
Turn on some music you like and move for as long as one song is on. Even if that moving is merely kind of shifting your hips posterior and forth and swinging your arms.

After one song, if you are not panting, do another. When you start panting, sit down and wait for two songs. It is ok to breathe swiftly and deep, but not to pant.

Do this every year (as many songs as you can -- rest for two songs) for at lowest an hour. Gradually make more strenuous movements. If you shift your freight to one foot and raise the other foot past its sell-by date the ground, it is harder than if both feet stay still. If you bend and verbs your torso, it is harder than if you don't. If you swing your arms up over your head, it is harder than if you own them by your side.

After two weeks, start dancing while holding bottles of hose. Start with a 1/2 liter (1/2 kg) contained by each paw and go up to 1 liter (1 kg). This make your arms work harder. If you can buy some freeweights, go to 2 kg and after 5 kg. Dance as long as you can with your weights and afterwards continue in need them for at least one song, other resting if you start panting.

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