(For girls)Which body type you prefer and why?

Soccer Player

I definitely prefer a soccer players body... Not that I won't date anyone who doesn't enjoy that body type (if I like him, I approaching him), but soccer players are the most fit of them all, even if it doesn't appear like it... They enjoy to run around the huge field resembling a million times FAST, and they all own abs and legs of steel, lol.. Soccer players are just skinny but fit and that make them sexy as hell =]
Mmm... definitely a soccer player. But that's because I'm one too. But I will lift a lot of different outsides, if the inside is truly amazing. Personality go a long way for me. Although, some physical attraction have to be there, I imply... we are only human!
Definitely football. But not an distasteful lineman! More like a tight shutting.
definately soccer player. =D
football players, most definetly. I like big guys. They're elevated and big, not too muscular. football is sexy, the players are second to only the activity.
Gosh, none of them! I like Baseball Player types! lol

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