(------Important Height Question------)?

I need to be sure that I probably should grow up more, I'm 5'8 and partly (17 years old).. and I recently begin to go to gym, I am follower with the model to be bodybuilder ^^.. my real fright is that if I continue doing counterbalance excercises I may couldn't grow up more than that.I just wanna be sure, because im jovial with my distance from the ground but if i could grow up a little bit more should be better to me :)... Please help out me in this Q... gratitude.

I've heard mixed things roughly what will hapen to teens if they lift weights. I've hear it may stunt your growth, and it may not.

What I have hear and believe is that it actually promotes to your echelon. It makes you achieve to your max. height quicker. I discern you'll be fine working out at this time. I weight raise and am 16. I have lift since 15 and I've grown about 1 or 2 inches still. When I started lifting I be about 6 foot, immediately I'm 6'2". So don't worry almost screwing up your likelihood of getting taller.
I believe guys are still growing at 17. I'd look at the height of the males within your family. Generally I construe boys end up taller than their father. Aside from that weight lifting won't stunt your growth. Just don't mess next to steroids. Also ..maybe you should be spending more time at college and less contained by the gym. Professional body builders also need the gift to communicate clearly.
You are probably done growing. Look at your father and grandfather. If they are around your height you will probably stay the rise that you are. I have never hear of anyone lifting weights and not getting taller because of it. I am only 5'4 so to me 5'8 is a nice rank for a man. Don't worry going on for it. Lift your weights and get a nice bod and them come and receive me!! (after you turn 18)

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