20 pounds within a month?

i'm 18, i weigh 136 and im 5'3...i want to lose 20 pounds in a month i hold a bmr of 1750...what do i need to do and put away to lose the weight within one month?

Dear friend

I think you can find some contained by this site for reducing weight beside simple steps

run and eat with the sole purpose baked chicken with no spices
Your bim is solitary 24.1, you are healthy size, yes, you can lose 20 lbs and still be within the normal scope.
go near a 1300 cal diet, cut sugar/fats out..favorite here is a cabbage tomato soup with other veggies, chomp through plenty of fiber, and walk at lowest 5 miles a day..weightiness will drop off..oh, yeah, you inevitability to drink nothing but marine, water next to lemon/lime..NO sodas even diet, cut down on salt..correct luck
Well, I'm sure you know this and everyone will tell you that losing 20 lbs within a month is unhealthy. Although losing 5 lbs a week does not nouns that bad, the body should individual lose no more than 3 lbs a week. But nevertheless the way to do this is the RUN RUN RUN, and next RUN some more. Run in the morning, and within the evening if possible. As for diet, devour a lot of salad and rather bit of chicken. Not too much chicken because protein will add pounds. Drink plenty of wet. Good luck
the fastest way is to pinch some diet supplement pills. I recommend you take “weight loss-30 " which is made of raw herbs, that will curb your appetite and consent to you drink a lot of hose down. And water can fetch away fat. You can categorically lose 15-20 lbs in a month. check details from the site: http://www.goquickslim.com

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