All my friend eat is grilled cheese, french fries, and second-hand goods food?

Well I am 14 and in the 8th title. My friend refuses to put away anything else but grilled cheese, french fries, and certain cast-offs foods. For instance, he will only guzzle dark chocolate, and not regular milk chocolate. He say his taste buds are different than everyone elses. No beef, chicken, pork, fish, milk, or vegetables. He isn't really big or excess weight, but he has a gut... more sloppy plump. He is 13. What is wrong with him? Is it something phsycological?

Answers:    Oh man... in a minute I want grilled cheese and french fries.
Well, grilled cheese isn't all that bleak for you. Bread= good carbs and crumb, and cheese= calcium.

French fries serve no nutritional value whatsoever. Or unwanted items food. Maybe trick him into eating veggies/fruits/lean meat and see if he likes it. I'm 13, a girl, and 5'2 and 100 pounds. I hold my ribs and hip and collar and chest bones jutting out. It's not all that great, but i love it anyway.

No, most teenagers budge through this. Usually, they have a hurried metabolism. Just tell him you're worried and perchance pay him 5 bucks to devour something else healthier. Thanks for bein such a gr8 friend to him!


Well, his parents spoiled him when it come to eating traditions.

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