2 question, 1) average heart rate, 2) sweatshirt,more calories adjectives.?

The first question, I in recent times wonder if my heart rate is normal when I do cardio exercise (biking) at an average of 175.

The second sound out, my buddy told me if I wore a sweat shirt while I exercise, I would burn more calories as I sweat more, is that true?


Answer to question 1:

The heart rate you should complete in cardio exercise is prearranged as "target heart rate", not average heart rate.

Cardio exercise, as we know, is to improve cardiovascular tolerance.

And for this to happen, you should keep hold of your heart rates at a certain rank for a specific period of time.

The easiest method to know what that stratum should be is using the maximal heart rate formula. For calculation of maximum heart rate and target heart rate, please move about to the referred source mentioned below.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that one should pull off target heart rates of between 55% to 90% of his/her maximum heart rate when doing cardios.

Answer to question 2:

The number of calories burned depends on the intensity and duration of your exercise, not on the sweat shirt you wear.

To burn more calories, you can shift for high intensity cardios similar to running, biking or brisk walk (race walk) as they're prearranged to help burn more calories.

But after again, it also depends on your weight - a 150 lb character will burn more calories than a 100-lb person.
not sure give or take a few the shirt but sweat is water. not calories. ur calories adjectives depends more on your heart rate. normal resting heartrate is between 60-90 120- 180 when strenuous exercise is involved. if you start response dizzy have chest pains/ palpitations or become too short of breath slow it down a serration!

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