6'1" and 156 pounds glowing mass?

I'm a 20 yo male & I am 6'1" high and weigh 156 pounds. That seems low to me. Is that a sound weight? Should I weigh more? Less?

You're somewhat on the low side but not too bad. Your just the thing weight say you should be about 176. You'll probably riddle out some more, don't worry too much.

You BMI comes out Normal at 20.6 and 140 to 189 pounds for your largeness.
You're at a perfect consignment. Keep it up.
I was roughly that solidity when I was your age and by age 25 be 165. From then until age 49 I put on counterweight up to around 200 lbs at a pound or two a year. Then I stopped drinking at 50 and fixed a couple things in my diet and within 8 months am back to 165 and loving every minute of it. I'm flying on my road and mtn bikes and running is a pleasure again.

Lance is 160!
I'm roughly your height and I know that when I weigh 156 I was too small, so I put on almost 10-14lbs muscle weight and in a minute I feel approaching I'm at a good place. I deduce you're in a on form range; however, proper mass depends on what you do and how you're built. I'm a ball player so I'm going to be bigger than I would inevitability to be if I was lately sitting around all daylight shopping or whatever.

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