10 Day Fast?

I am on a 10 day vigorous. Can anyone share their health stories? I own had horrifying headaches for a while presently and I'm hoping that this cleansing of the body will aid. Please share

thats crazy if you must do it make sure you gain enough wet or your body will just shut down hopefully everything will move about good and you'll survive that long don't try to do anything too strenuous
so how r u fast exactly?

like what are u allowed to drink or drink?

if its only hose down then u MUST stop!
A 10 daytime fast doesn't 'cleanse' anything.

Messing up your blood sugar level via fast is imagined to give you headache all by itself.
Are you gone batty?
I suggest you read what Aajonus Vonderplanitz says just about the effects of water fast and also about cleansing the body. He have written a book called We Want To Live: The Primal Diet.
All nifty make you touch horrible for usually the first 48-72 hours.
The more toxic you are the more severe the reactions.
I have great results with a 30 hours of daylight detox diet. The first 4 days were discouraging then I feel great and lost 9 pounds.( I kept it off too!)
Sinus cleared up and lost 4 inches contained by my belly.:)

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