A perfect technique for building up muscle?

I was wondering if anyone know of a good routine or technique for a good workout to build up my upperbody muscle(biceps, triceps, stomach muscles etc etc)
Im not wanting anything serious where on earth a complete change contained by diet is needed, but just a nonspecific workout where I would be capable of gain a six pack and be able to SEE muscle!
Also what is the difference between toning and building muscle?

I suggest typing "Arnold Schwarzenegger Work Out Plan" on google. I did this plan for give or take a few a month and noticed a hell of a redeploy in my muscle gain 5 lbs of muscle but had to devour only protein and drink whey protein shakes. Had to stop doing this program becasue it took method too much time and dedication. I would spend about 4hrs or more contained by the gym every day!! (This includes comming spinal column once or twice a day). If you want to radically upgrade your muscle mass and have lots and lots of time a dedication I outstandingly suggest this plan. Good luck. Oh, and here is the website to find Arnold's workout plan:
Get to the gym--best advice I can tender. You want to use more reps with smaller amount weights. In other words, don't max out each time.

You can buy weights from Walmart if you don't want to/cannot afford to walk the gym.

Just keep up near it. That's the best advice I can pass you. Also mix in some cardio--running is great for getting abs to pop.
Honestly It's complicated to build muscle without individual completely dedicated to it.

The best I can put in the picture you is lift weights at lowest 2-3 times a week. Make sure you do your ENTIRE body (hit every muscle group at least once a week). I know you said you newly want your upper body..but lower body workouts will help INCREASE muscle gain in your upper body (It's be proven in studies). Don't omit legs!

Lift heavy weights for lower reps to promote muscle growth and strength. Lower weights for highly developed reps is more for toning.

If you don't want to drastically change your diet at lowest possible add a protein supplement and drink it every hours of daylight.

That should at least win you started on the right track...

If you want more info try:
An excellent routine for building muscle is to find the weight on a bench press that you can solely just lift up 5 times. Then count back 4 weights and do 5 reps of that cargo, 5 reps of the next shipment etc etc until you finish by doing 5 reps of the weight you can with the sole purpose just govern. In total you've done 25 reps. Do this on the bench press for arms, bicep curl/preacher curl for biceps, and lat pulldown for back.

Next time contained by the gym do 5 reps of the weight you started on finishing time, then 5 of the subsequent etc etc but when you get to your 5 reps on your max freight, skip it and do 3 of the next substance!

Next time in the gym the cargo you did 3 reps on last time become your new 5 rep max, so count posterior 4 weights and then do 5 reps on that mass (it'll be one more than you started on final time) 5 on the next etxc til you carry to your new 5 rep max solidity. Push out 5 on here, and look! In 2 sessions you're lifting/curling more than you could before!

This routine really works, and you'll see it packing on muscle really briskly.

Obviously you need to supplement this beside protein shakes.
muscle tone is the definition and sculpting of the muscle, building muscle is making sure it get there, if you want to build, you have need of high freight low rep, 2 warm up sets of something youcan achieve 15 with, later rack the weight on, if you can do more than 10 reps your going to frothy, but you dont want to max out at 1 rep each time, at a snail`s pace add cargo each set, clear it about 4 -5 sets, a split routine is a apt idea too, chest monday, spinal column tuesday, legs wednesday, shoulders and arms thursday, cardio and abs friday, thena fter you get the bulk you want work on tonining, using high-ranking reps low weight, more of a cardio type excercise increasing muscle indurance and definition, and a virtuous diet, you want to get a protein shake or shaft immediately after working out to arrive at your anabolic window and replenish your muscles

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