24 hour fitness?

I used to be a member of 24 hour fitness, and I stopped my sponsorship because I had to jump out of the country.. my question is, if I be to join again, would I enjoy to pay adjectives the initiation fees again?!

Most gyms have the conception that if you cancelled your membership or stopped recompense then you're going to hold to re-apply. The only process you can get away from this is if you've be paying every month but just haven't be going to the gym.
Check with them to see if you still hold your membership number, they perchance able to re-activate your commentary, but I think it may depend on how long it be inactive and if at hand is any delinquency on the account.
If you enjoy you membership card or behind the times contract papers bring them with you if you call in the gym or if you speak to a customer rep.
Gym are usually eager to receive new member to join, so I cogitate if you play your cards right and talk the collaborate you can possible avoid the initiation fees or at least at a reduced price.
Mine said I have to...but I think everything is movable.

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