What do you meditate a girl near 166cm contained by altitude , 60 kilos? Wasn't she looks oil and enjoy size more than 10?

1.66 and 60 kilos? I am 1.70 and striving for 60 kilos (thats only 4 cm more high, not too much taller) She should weigh between 55 and 62...so she sounds like she is inwardly normal weightiness. If I were to guess she would wear approaching a size 8 or 10 but no bigger. What's wrong with that?

at my lightest, i be 61 kilos and wore a size 6.
She will look a little chubby and is categorically more than a size 10.
No, the BMI will be at over 21%. This is a great percentage to be at.
Nope. It depends. If she has a lofty body fat %, that may be the skin. However if she has a larger amount of muscle mass, she may not look curvy at all. For example, womanly rowers if I recall are 70kg+ for 175cm, however they are not corpulent at all!

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