. What does it be a sign of when urine suddenly smells approaching crude sewage? There is no backache beside urination or pressure?

bladder infection
If you ate something weird and smelly, it could be nought. (Tuna and cabbage, and I'm sure other things, will give urine a unnatural smell). If everything seems to be working resourcefully otherwise, I wouldn't worry unless the problem stays too long.
uti/see dr/will audition urine/if uti/will put on antibiotics
Did you eat asparagus lately?
Try drinking lots of water and cranberry liquid. If it doesn't clear up see a doctor.
well if your a girl/women did you forget a tampon within there?

and for men and women you requirement to drink a half gallon of dampen so when you pee you can see through it.

if not your not cleaning out your bladder and it will be washed out and smelly.

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