Why is sex so bleeding?

I first had sex near my boyfriend a couple of months ago and obviouslly it was tender the first time. It hurt the couple of times I did it after that and I got a UTI, I enjoy now finished two courses of antibiotics for the UTI so it really shouldn't be a problem any more but sex is still excruciating. I know some culture say it merely hurts a little but this is unbearingly bloody and I just don't know why. I enjoy had sex frequent times now so I don't come up with that it's just that I'm impossible to it and my antibiotics should have markedly cleared up my UTI. Please someone give me some warning on what could be wrong!

Maybe your bf doesn't know what he is doing Ok seriously, the wife says you should see a OBGYN
Sounds approaching your boyfriend needs to do more up to that time hand . . . ie. foreplay. Some women are essentially moist and guys often mistake this for arousal. You may be one of those women who is exceedingly lubricated but your boyfriend needs to take that just because you be aware of ready doesn't anticipate he should take the plunge. Rather, he desires to take his time. In reality, women often start out moist, bring drier and then bring very drizzling again. If you are not going through all three stages, it is terribly probable that your boyfriend is more interested in his pleasure than contained by your own or he hasn't learned to rob his time.
go see ur gyno.. could be a cyst. i own had several and it made sex beyond the pale and very tender..
How old are u? R u insane? Repeating indistinguishable mistakes and expecting different results is the definition of sanity.
I suspect you are not a woman, but a girl, and are unqualified for all that sex imply, other than the deed of sex itself.
Please try and look at it objectively and follow your brain and not your hormones or making others happy at your expense. That's the proposal I gave my daughter. She know I am not a prude. She held off until she be 18, and she told me about the struggle not to, and discussed when she thought she be ready and she considered necessary my blessings. I couldn't give her my blessing exactly, but I did support her judgment. She was matured enough to sort that decision. Are you?? Not man a b****, just trying to be an noninterventionist mom. Can't help myself.

conceivably your allergic to the latex or use a personal lubricant. 4play either near bf or alone b4 sex
Go visit ur doctor.
sounds close to you have some sort of womanly problem which is causing you so much distress. It could be a cyst or some type of STD that went undetected by your physician.

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