35, morbidly obese, chronic spasm syndrome and tuning of enthusiasm please assistance?

I am 35, morbidly obese due to medications and absence of movement, I suffer from chronic pain syndrome for which I require opioid medication, I am diabetic, I own intermittent chest pain, and am immediately going through a VERY early adjust of life, I exercise as much as possible, usually finish in severe twinge, PLEASE can some one help me fix my spasm & my weight which is makeing adjectives these problems worse, any advice will be greatfully received, appreciation

You have to take care with your intermittent chest agony, this may indicate heart problem.
Diet control and excersice is good surrounded by order to be away from obese, but hold to do it rightly.
Since you are diabetic, you should consume "less" glucose containing food, including rice, try more vegetable, reduce saline as well as it may increase your heartload.

Exercise close to jogging is well brought-up but it increase the pressure to the knees. I would advise you to be involve contained by water sport, similar to swiming.
Do not do any sexercise aggressively, the main article to loose weight is not how aggressive you exercise but how long you exercise.
Maintain exercise over a longer extent is more important.
Half an hour everyday to 1 hour is appropriate and remember you have to be consistent. Some house chores are accurate too, but be careful near the postures, choose to bend your knees when you want to lower down your knees instead of bend your wraist.
Good Luck! And remember consistent control of diet and exercise!
Don't be on the computer so much and try to do breathing exercises when you are having niggle...don't tense up or it will clear it hurt worse. You should tell your doctor that your medication is have this effect on you.
Well life could not possibly go and get any worse now could it .
Look on the bright side ...you are not deceased.
If you can't exercise, you're going to have to put yourself on a vastly strict diet and stay with it. No more than 1200 calories a year and no sugar. If you can do that your diabetes and chest pains might improve. Can't say-so much about your chronic discomfort because I don't know what's causing it. You're probably seeing like mad of doctors. I'm sure one of them can help you beside a plan to lose weight and operation with menopause, but you're the one who's going to own to do the work.
Sood luck,.
Are you currently at work now? Or are you at home? If you are at home, you should be relaxing and doing some breathing exercises to comfort with the niggle. Try not to use the computer as often except if you are working at a employment. You should also call your doctor and consent to him/her know that it is affecting you this way. For the obese slice, I recommend eating more veggies...if you can beside your diabetes. Get plenty of restful sleep. When you wake.try to totter for atleast 15 minutes to start. or vacuum, or take out the trash...only move for atleast 15 minutes at a time to start out. Remember to do breathing exercises.
All this? Generally I dont look elsewhere except Western medicine. But I am convinced near all of this you must hold a Dr. And s/he isnt doing it for you. There are plenty of pain government clinics (if you live in a honourable size city or close enough). Otherwise, I do know people who hold had nouns with accupressure.Accupressure is interesting and utterly different (eastern) approach to the body and what ails it. Your insurance may pay for it, even probably as a 2nd opinion. Good Luck.BTW, this is surrounded by no way intended to substitute for professional medical assessment.
You are in a pretty serious condition and you obligation to make a decree to get some serious backing.You can not do this on your own.Your addiction to food and pain meds is going to achieve even worse if you don't get back.It won't be easy but you can do it beside a lot of help out.Talk to your doctor and make him think through that you are serious and are willing to do the work.Gastric bypass surgery is an chance but with diabetes it complicates things.Chest pains are a sign your heart is within trouble and that will only take worse.You are young and can do this immediately.Don't wait till you are one week elder and 20lbs heavier.Just make a promise to yourself and do it for yourself .Find that soldier in nearby girl and go for it.Just infer of nothing but your vivacity and find the strength to DO it.There are lots of people out near who want to help a girl who is inclined to do the work.Just imagine how proud you will be of yourself when you succeed.No whining no cheating and grit through the spasm and you will get support your life.I decision I could give you a hug and a slap on the butt to bring you going girl.I find my extra strength I need when I gain pissed.Whatever it takes!And do what they enlighten you to do no pissing and moaning.Almost right away I felt the courage and the respect of others when they see I was serious.That brought give or take a few a little self esteem and when i achieve each little step my esteem go up more,thats when it started to get easier.Good luck to ya hon. construct the right choice,your LIFE DEPENDS on it.But hey you already knew that didn't you?

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