i have this problem im other shaking in my hand i dont even notice but ethnic group are telling me it get really bad. what could it be?

anxiety or some characteristics of nerve disorder. stir to the doctors.
do you do drugs?
meds... If you use too much then stop... it you don't use any next get some (preferably from a doctor)...
It could be a quantity of different things. You should get checked out by a doc and consent to he/she decide what the probelm is
There are several things it could be. Go check near your doctor.
the older culture would say its "impossible nerves" whatever the h*ll that method.my hands do that when i am frightened (HEY! maybe i.e. what that means) i dont know, my sister hands shake close to that all the time and she doesnt appear nervous-so to answer your request for information, sorry i dont know-BUT if you find out email me.
how much caffeine thru, coffee, tea, chocolate, pop etc are you taking in?
that can tender the shakes, cut it out of your diet...and see if you still are shaking..is it just atremor..
except..see a dr.
aww darn i have have the same problem 4ever so i asked my doc for med to quiet me and bless the good Lord it worked and i am not mortified no more!!!!
it can be several things some possibilities are:

one it can be refered to as 'diabetic shakes' meaning if you hold too much sugar your hands start to shake as a result of it. This is usually when you are boarderline diabetic though

You may enjoy an anxiety that you do not conciousnessly know about and the shaking is your bodies passageway of telling you something is wrong

You may be coming down beside parkinson's or similiar disorder.

It is best to contact your doctor and get the relevant test taken they will be able to consent to you know for sure then.
like happen to me. i never really notice it and others also said the same point. I went to the doctors and they said that my body be depleting itself of all protiens and carbs and that i newly needed to eat more of them. (which i found crazy cuz i already get through tons! lol!) hope this is helpful.

...and remember that your hand could be shaking for a different reason than mine did, but only just thought i would let ya know. =]

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