^_^ Who within your kith and kin have diabetes? *_*?

I have to conduct a science experiment for diabetes and hold to make some familial trees so can someone tell me who within you family and elder generations own and dont have diabetes? Please try to manage as high as possible. By that I close-fisted that if you know that your great great great great gramma and grampa had diabetes, please detail me. I'm getting graded for this, so please minister to me! ^_^ Thnx

i dont no there adjectives dead
My grandmother have type 2 and my mother is border line. My sister have is because she is pregnant and weighs over 300lbs.
I am a form food nut...everything is all organic, no starchs, sugar and I'm fine...
great grandma had it, elegant ma, father.2 brothers, one sis borderline, me only when on predisone
we hold more cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure within our family tho
oh adjectives the past diabetes be on my paternal side...father
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My loving grandma and mom both have diabetes. My mom be diagnosed after she started chemotherapy, but is able to control it next to diet and excercise.
Immediate family..

Father--diabetic, insulin dependant full-grown onset obese htn
Mother- not diabetic overweight htn
Sister-- diabetic, insulin dependant juvenile beginning obesehtn
Sister-- diabetic, diet regulatory adult beginning obese htn
Brother-diabetic, insulin dependant adult beginning obese htn
Me-- not diabetic in great shape nonhtn

Sister-- 2 children...1 diabetic, htn 1 not both tinny
Brother-3 children...1 diabetic, htn 2 not 2 overweight
Me-- 4 children...no diabetics or htn all high, eat powerfully

That's as far back as I know. Hope this help.

As for my family, we hold ALWAYS eaten in good health, excercised and watched our intact of sugars and fat.

Sandy :O)
Yeah my mom's was first diagnosed near Diabetes back surrounded by 1993 and she was hospitalized for a while and she totally lost her speech and till this sunshine her whole not here side is paralyzed...When she came out of the hospital she roughly couldn't do anything and after all the at home therapy and taking care of her at home and tons prayers we came out okay...But currently she presently has Dialysis 3x a week and still on her insulin and medication of course...But as previous Family we own no idea .So far I hold 2 brothers and 1 one sister and we've all be checked but none so far.
My name is Lina Kim
My Dad have type 2 and he got it from his dad
I'm sort of chubbyish and I just about excercise but i'm healthy and am really wise about fat, sugar, etc. because I might get it too because my dad have diabetes.
i only chomp through sugar free candy
i eat swiftly food about 2 times a month
sweets-every other week once
my mom doesn't hold diabetes
my sister doesn't have diabetes
that's adjectives that I know of
Hope this helped!!
hope you achieve a good level on your science experiment!
Good luck =)
Laura R. My parents both have it. my mothers parents have it. my dad's dad had it. my great grandmother on dad's side have it. I am pre diabetic.
type 1 or type 2?

I have have type 1 for 3 1/2 years. my grandpa (my dads dad) was diagnosed beside type 1 when he was a teen. he died 18 years ago.

type 2-my uncle (on my dads side related by marriage), great uncle (hes insensible. he was my dads uncle)

my moms cousin also have diabetes. Im guessing its type 1 since he was diagnosed when he be less than a year older. hes in his 40's immediately and has lived surrounded by a nursing home since he was contained by his late 20's. hes have both legs amputated and is completely blind because of the disease.
My father and myself was the singular ones with diabetes and it be not heredity. My other sisters and brothers did not win it. I loves fruits and vegetables and always ate them although starchy foods as powerfully . Always thought I ate healthy but specifically not always the skin cause some medication also causes nation to come down with diabetes. Although the medium will not tell that to race and say inheritance when all the time specifically not the case. I susrely hope you construct a good echelon on this.
my grandma(on my dads side) and my mom!
Mom - diagnosed at 18, but did not do anything about it for 1 year till she passed out... she is presently 85 and very stout...1 needle a daytime!
dad - nope
sister - very hugely over weight, but wholesome non diabetic
brother - nope.
me- yup... diabetic for 35 years, 4 shots a day, a1c 5.5 - 6... i pilfer care of my self... the proposition of over weight, powerfully my sister did not get it. the notion of boys get it more consequently girls... my brother did not get it... I be the 3rd child, very skinny and took comfort of my self cause i did not want to be round like my sister and i catch it at 12.
grandmom on moms side - old age diabetic
long-gone that people died but not a soul knew why!

hope this help find a cure... I am tired of this disease!

kathy h.
starting with my father side he died 2 years ago from diabetic complications he was 62yrs outmoded all his relations own it except 2 on my mothers side my grandfather had it and died at the age of 54yrs within 1963 my auntie had it and is also limp as far as I'm aware it has probably gone through in one piece generations contained by my family this is type 2 diabetes i am conversation about,i enjoy been pre diabetic for 19yrs have it when i was pregnant and be diagnosed 3 months ago with type 2 hope this help
My name is Laura and I'm a 37 year antediluvian caucasian female. I'm a type 1 diabetic. I'm the simply known type 1 diabetic contained by my family...going subsidise 4 generations on both sides. Diabetes is unknown surrounded by my family. My have it is more of a fluke...the result of a traumatic injury to my abdomen and pelvis some years ago.

Now if you want to chat about diseases that DO run within my family...heart disease, breast cancer, elevated blood pressure, alcoholism...but no diabetes except for me. Lucky me.

I'm slim, fit and in shape. I receive plenty of exercise. I use an insulin pump. I watch what I guzzle and keep my sugar lower than control. I have no residual effects from diabetes as of nonetheless.


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