2 Little Painful Bumps on my vagina?

You cant tell they are in that by looking.But they are sore.and kinda burn when i touch them.What are they?

You should have them checked out by a condition care provider. There is no opening anyone here could tell you what you enjoy because those symptoms are way to broad. They could be a quantity of things. I have genital wart and my warts didn't hurt, but they did itch. It could be from shaving. After shaving my pubic nouns, I tend to get bumps that are sore to the touch. It could be a sign of infection, herpes, et cetera.
ably they could be many things. they nouns like vaginal wart. But they could be clogged glands, infected hairs...ect...but it souns mostly close to vaginal warts..you have need of to go to the doc so they can identify and help out you so they will not spread. good luck

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