10 yr son surrounded by rigid steel boned corset 23 hrs morning. He will not comply anyone design to stop him loosening it?

My son wear this orthopaedic corset for a spinal condition. It is costomed made for him only from a type. It extends from his buttocks to underarm. It as rigid moulded steel boning front, back, and sides. It is enormously tightly fastened so when fully closed he is upper body is held quite rigid. he preferes a elevated chair as the boning will not flex and is forced by the corset to sit contained by the most bolt upright position possible. He is supposed to wear it 23 hours a year during which time it should not be loosened or removed. We know this must be a great ordeal for him having this device tightly around him continuousbut it's for his own virtuous for the future. We are have problems with complience to wearing this corset as he constantly loosens it which when out of site we hold no control over. We have taken him rear to the clinic several times over this issue and all i.e. done is a serious talking to.
The corset fasten at the front with lace and wide steels respectively side the opening.

He is probably mortal braced for juvenile scoliosis. You just enjoy to be patient near him-for the brace to be effective it really have to be worn 23 hours a day. The one hour is in recent times for toilet needs. It really is fairly a discomfort for him but that's what you are there for-for support.
the poor kid is probably mortal bullied at school something like it and is mad..we know he must wear this for his vigour , how about taking him to a analyst to help him bargain it out,, he just might have need of to yell and sceam a bit

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