24hr allergy pills not later 24 hrs when exercising?

I feel silly asking since I am a nurse.

But, I hold recently started taking Claratin D 24 hr tab for my allergies. I get really congested and miserable if I don't, or forget to nick it.

I am also a super active athlete. The ultimate two days I did some hard core 4-6 hr workouts. The firsts since I started taking it. Both days after I workedout I started to have a feeling miserable, as if I had never taken the meds, inwardly 2 hours of stopping. And I should technically have another 12 hours till I cart my next pill.

Since it is a time released drug. Is it possible to burn through it quicker since I am elevating my heart rate for such a prolonged time?

I work in a pharmacy and I own patients that swear to me that the Claritin-D 12 hour works MUCH better than the 24hr. Maybe you can try the 12 hour and see if it works better for you.
No, it is not possible to burn through a medication faster when you exercise. This is because the rate of eradication (elimination half life) is true and novel to each drug. And since Claritin D is formulated to be a delayed release dosage form, it should release the med into your bloodstream at a constant rate throughout the light of day. Antihistamines are kinda tricky, just approaching the NSAIDs, one antihistimine may work better on one person and not another. If this agent does not work for you, I would recommend trying out other ones-- similar to Allegra D or Zyrtec D.

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