I win itching within my legs mornings after i receive up & sometimes within the evening...i am have diabetes since 2007?

itching is since 2 mths or so...can u tell me what is it due to? i gain profuse sweating @ times...my thyroid level is typical...i have kidney stones too detected today... dr told me to drink 3 litres of hose down...can u suggest remedy for my itching?

itching could be dry skin or Dermititis. Sorbelene cream, ice, looking at products you use close to soap, detergent etc. They all support. Definately drink the water, you could be dried up.
itching could be from the increased blood circulation caused by leg movement after you wake up. your blood circulation is effected by sleep and the diabeties. try different sleeping positions that comfort with blood circulation
diabetics frequently enjoy neuropathies, which could give you an itching sensation. mostly I'm sure you know that your vasculature is at risk with the diabetes. I'd speak to your doctor about it, he/she may prescribe a rudeness med, or they may recommend a bypass. good luck!!

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