37 weeks pregnant beside blood clot on the lung?

my daughter is 37 weeks pregnant with a blood clot on her lung does anyone no if it will affevt the child, or if the hospital will start her off or donate her a cesarian.

Blood clots in the lungs (pulmonary embolisims, or PE's for short) can incentive everything from just a moment or two pain and not other symptoms, to annihilation depending on size, they don't tend to get worse as time go on, by this I mean if she is purely having some agony but is stable, more than likely she will remain stable. The hulking clots that cause departure cause an imediate comprimise to the circulatory system and loss comes very soon, not trying to scare you, trying to reasure you here. Pregnancy is one of the main risk factors for PE's and at 37 weeks in that is little risk to the baby if they hold it now. I would guess they will not tolerate her go on beside labor, that could induce more clots. Congrats on the new grandbaby and best wishes for your daughter. Let us know how things budge.
I would imagine they will tender her cesaerean asap, i think chore would put a strain on and risk moving the clot. 37 weeks isnt premature so the baby will be fine. I hope your daughter get better soon and congrats on your soon to be grandchild!
I assume that she is now on heparin ( an anticoagulant). She also should be tested for Antiphospholipid Syndrome as this disease can be triggered by pregnancy. I can not dare utter what they will do, but I know others who have survived surrounded by a situation like this. I would guess that at 37 weeks, the infant will be fine.
Best wishes to all of you.
Oh sh!t... really, you should be asking a specialisty consultant give or take a few this instead of us yahoo deadbeats a little familiarity and all that...
be calmed pregnant women are probably the best cared for group of ancestors in the country, your daughter will be getting the best expert support to oblige safely deliver your soon to be here grandchiild.

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