^_^Which populations is diabetes most prevalent surrounded by and why? ^_^?

Which populations is diabetes most prevalent and why? Thank you.

The person that answered American Indians is correct. Percentage of American Indians over the age of 20 near diabetes is 14.9%. That is including the Alaskan native. Next surrounded by line is African Americans near 11.4%, followed by Caucasian at 8.4% and then Hispanics at 8.2%. Healthy drinking habits and exercise are the key way to avoid it, but some of us are predisposed to diabetes because of a family circle history and genetics.
Diabetes is most adjectives in American Indians. Not with the sole purpose do they have the most prevalent surrounded by adults, but also children. The reason is because the removal of a heathy diet. It consists of poor eating habbits, not ample fruit and vegetables and no exercise.
I would think that the old-fashioned U S of A would have the unmatched occurence of diabetes considering that the majority of the citizens are overweight and a large percentage are obese.
We consume more processed food than any other nation.
It is prevalent on Asians and Blacks.
I would read aloud off the cuff American Indians and Hispanics, but it is really everywhere surrounded by American society. Here are two links to diabetes statistics.
http://www.cdc.gov/diabetes/statistics/i... (U.S. CDC statistics for diabetes)
http://diabetes.niddk.nih.gov/population... (diabetes statistics)

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