/What should i do?

i have be a diabetic for almost a year and i am almost 17. i am going to the doctor in a few days and cant agree on if i want a pump or not. it is gonna be my senior year in the spill out, summer is coming up and i will be in a bathingsuit adjectives the time, i play 3 different sports one after the other all year. does anyone enjoy any input for me?

I think you should seriously consider getting one. The advantages of insulin pumps are proven and most culture love the convenience and freedom the pump allows.

As for going to the beach...within is a pump available that is rainproof and for others that are not, there are impermeable cases the pump can be put in to. The pump can be disconnected for dips contained by the water (that's what I do). If I be in motion to an amusement park where within are water rides, I put the pump into a rainproof case to protect it.

Regarding sports, the pump can effortlessly be worn during sports but should be taken off during contact sports to avoid breaking it.

Talk more to your doctor give or take a few it and check out this website: minimed.com. Minimed is only one businesswoman of pumps but they are the biggest one. I use a Minimed 508 (it's an older pump, enjoy had it for 6 years...it works only fine for me).

I think you will find that you will soak up the freedom of being on the pump. You won't enjoy to carry around syringes and insulin but you will hold to be more vigilant about your sugar. Most pump users question paper about 8 times a hours of daylight (including me).

If you decide to procure one, you will go through a training class to swot how to use it. They really are not that complicated. It will take some time to grasp used to it but I really think that because you are a young person and so athletic that a pump would be a good entity for you.

Let us know what you decide. There are a great deal of other people on here that use pumps and we can be here for warning, tips and pointers. Good luck.
See a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and see if the diabetes can be healed. It's hasty enough that it's possible.
forget give or take a few diabetes and diet control.
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