How commonly do you disinfect your computer upright and computer accessories-Phone, USB cable, frozen drive, etc.

Stomach Flu Spread By Contaminated Computer Keyboards

Posted: 2008-01-04 16:52:31
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The highly contagious norovirus, habitually called the stomach flu, can be passed from one character to another through contact with commonly shared items such as computer keyboards and computer mice, U.S. form officials report.

The virus, which is adjectives in winter and is the most frequent bring of outbreaks of vomiting and diarrhea in the United States, is recurrently contracted in school, at work and on cruise ships.

On Thursday, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on a norovirus outbreak at a Washington, D.C., elementary school second February in which some of the victims picked up the virus from contaminated computer equipment.

"There is evidence that shared objects and surfaces lend a hand transmit disease," said Dr. Shua Chai, a CDC epidemiologist and co-author of the report, published in the Jan. 4 issue of the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

"This is the first time that we own demonstrated that keyboards and computer mice can be a source of transmission of norovirus," he added.

Of the 314 students and 66 staffers at the D.C. university, 103 came down near the illness -- 79 students and 24 staff member. To find the sources of contamination, samples be taken from various surfaces around the conservatory. In one first-grade classroom, a computer mouse and keyboard tested positive for norovirus, according to the report.

Answers:    All right, i never verbs them but i have never get sick =P .
I might start but probably not cause I valet my hands after computer use. =}
onece every mounth

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