What sort of a diet is angelic for your skin?

lately ive been drinking lots of fruit and ive been staying away from red meat. Also, ive be cooking my own meals instead of drinking breakfast cereals or frozen meal.

is this a good diet??

what else should i stay away from or try to take more of?

For your skin:

Coconut oil surrounded by your body and on your skin. 3 Tablespoons a day near meals of unrefined, natural coconut oil and you won't believe your skin contained by a weeks time.

You can cook with it too.

The best foods are intact, unrefined, unprocessed. Organic helps. Favor breads that are made from sprouted grain and try to avoid pasta and white flour products, sugar, and carbonated drinks. Red wine is best of all alcohols for skin. (to drink, not put on your skin)

Sounds resembling you have a correct balance. There are three more things that will assist your skin improve or stay nice:
Avoid or drain
1. sun
2. alcohol and caffeine
3. lack of sleep

Take diligence of the largest organ in/on your body, your skin.
one that requires lots of water and fruit couldn't hurt

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