3 year outdated have lice?

My little cousin has lice & lice shampoo only just doesn't seem to be working...any home remedy suggestions or unshakable type of shampoos requested??

my kids recently have hair lice. they are 11, 9 and 6 and luckily this is the first time we've have them. i did a bit of research into the treatments you can buy in the pharmacy and be worried that some of the chemicals could be harmfull to our health. so i added a few drops of tea tree grease to a handfull of hair conditioner and rubbed it into the fuzz. then painstakingly removed adjectives the lice and eggs from everyones hair using a fine toothed nit comb. i repeated this every few days for a week or so to remove any that i have missed first time. and we are all nit free presently. i do check everyones hair more regularly immediately so as to spot them early. hope this is of some facilitate. good luck catching adjectives the wee crawlers lol.
Take the child to a pediatrician, the doctor can prescribe a stronger shampoo.
When the shampoo doesn't work it usually means that the source of the infestation have not been removed so even though the shampoo works for the moment, the child rapidly gets the lice again. You own to clean the house, pillows, bed, everything to make sure you enjoy gotten rid of the place the lice are coming from. It could even be somewhere outside the home or at school.
hot olive grease on hair wrap contained by saran wrap for 20 minutes rinse out really good
I would contact a doctor. If the lice shampoo isnt helping you should not turn to a home remedy, this could potentially take home the problem worse.
call a pediatrician and ask him what the best solution would be.
lice anti-shampoo call Rid or Nix
You really have to comb adjectives the lice and eggs out of the hair. Meticulously. In right light. Over a length of several days. If the kid has long and/or frizzy fleece it can especially be a pain.
try full results liquid its made by seton healthcare,you can go and get it from your chemist.

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