17 year old male with facial question?

I dont have acne however last summer was my teenage stage for a few zits. I realize 2 of the marks I still have on my face are acne scars (my mistake), but along my jaw line and neck are purplish dots that are hardly bunched together and are in the same spot on both sides of my jaw, Thats my only facial problem the rest of my skin is healthy and smooth.
These dots dont stick out hardly and dont hurt, they are smooth but also dont indent in my skin. I however had thought of a theory that its a result of sleeping hard on the sides of my face at nights, is this a factor and what are they? how do I get rid of them?

Macules or "pseudo-scars" are flat, red or reddish spots that are the final stage of most inflamed acne lesions. After an inflamed acne lesion flattens, a macule may remain to "mark the spot" for up to 6 months. When the macule eventually disappears, no trace of it will remain—unlike a scar.

Post-inflammatory pigmentation is discoloration of the skin at the site of a healed or healing inflamed acne lesion. It occurs more frequently in darker-skinned people, but occasionally is seen in people with white skin. Early treatment by a dermatologist may minimize the development of post-inflammatory pigmentation. Some post-inflammatory pigmentation may persist for up to 18 months, especially with excessive sun exposure. Chemical peeling may hasten the disappearance of post-inflammatory pigmentation.

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