(Repeat) constant ascites from intestinal TB for more than 6 weeks?

1.the history of the ailment
-55 yrs, male
-The tolerant had teeth insert with operation surrounded by the gum
in Jan. 2006
-His abdoment swallen sometime but he didn't reason about
ascites since outset of 2006
-Some pain on his waist since second July
-Some ooze from belly button in July but cured soon after
application of penicillin rub
-He took oriental medicine since Febraury.
-May this year, he started to own ascites, losing appetite
and hospitalized
-Taking out 12 ltrs of water from the tummy
-Dr.s diagnoses him as TB with symptoms but inferior to
discover germs instead found ulcer inside the generous intestine
-TB streches to peritoneum, intestine
-Having thorough check with CT, Endoscope extracted
taste check of cells, Dr.s found no evidences for cancer
-Dr.s don't know the incentive of ascites
-Inh, rfp, emb, pga
4.present situation
-ascites,weak urine,no appetite,substance loss

You seem as if you don't agree near the Dr. s diagnosis of Abdominal TB? Maybe you need some differential diagnosis?

Ascites is a condition where on earth excess fluid collects in the space in the abdomen call the peritoneum and can result from serous (proteinacous substances), haemorraghic (blood), or tumour cells collecting inwardly that area.

It can be due to a complication from a range of conditions and present as a symptom for even a larger number of diseases.

>Heart Disorders<
Cor Pulmonale
Heart Failure

>Liver Disorders<
Liver cirrhosis
Obstructive Jaundice

>Kidney Disorders<
Nephrotic Syndrome
(to name a few)

I'm presuming they would own ruled out all the above beside preliminary physical examinations, blood tests (Complete Blood Count, Blood Film, Urea and Electrolytes, Blood Culture), urine test and lab tests (Chest Xray, ECG, Abdominal Ultrasound etc)

The Dr.s appear to have ruled out abdominal cancer by doing cytology (test on cells). But how about a metastatic cancer (cancer that spread)? If it's small satisfactory it may not be picked up on a Abdominal CT (If that was what be done) and a full body CT or MRI could be done.

Also how about immunoproliferative conditions approaching multiple myleoma or malignant lymphoma?

Hope this helped within some way

P.S. Couldn't pretty figure out what the medication represented. inH and rfp are probably isoniazid and rifampicin which is used to treat TB; not sure about the others
What are you trying to find out? I don't see a cross-examine that needs answered.
What contained by the world is your question?? Are you trying to gain someone to do your homework assignment?

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