2year outdated w/ impetuous on her obverse?

My daughter woke up from her nap yesterday and said she fell stale her bed. So we asumed that the bump on her forehead was from that. Well consequently she developed this rash to be exact around her face, collar and behind her ears. I enjoy no clue what it is since Im up at NC visiting my ancestral and she is exposed to more stuff than she would at home in FL. It kinda looks close to a heat over-hasty. I also have be putting benedryl on her face since yesterday, but this morning her one cheek be redder than yesterday and she's scratching rather bit.

i'd call her doc and ask. its prob simply allergies or heat reckless.
Sounds like it could be contact dermatitis...vitally just an allergy to something her frontage has be touching...with the location, it could be the soap the pillowcase be washed contained by, or maybe she's using a different brand of shampoo than you use on her at home.

If the bumps are big, or come and progress in different places, it could be hives, which is habitually an allergy to something that was eat.
Get her to a dr. as soon as possible. it could be something serious.
does your daughter still wear diapers.
if you switch brands...

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