***question for doctors or culture w/ poor circulation***?

How is poor circulation diagnosed and what are the symptoms? I think I may hold it.

They can do a venous doppler (ultrasound) test of the vein...
symptoms of poor peripheral circulation include, discolored or blueish staple beds on hand and feet. Hands and or foot that go numb or tingle adjectives the time, no palpable pulses at wrists and ankles. Thickened nails on hand and feet as ably as discolored and chronically cold skin.
A simple test you can do at home would be to press on your pin bed (nails in foot or hands) and let be in motion. Normal circulation in a entity would make the white lower than the nail bed into pink inside 3 seconds. Anything longer may indicate circulatory problem. Other things to look for are cold extremities and poor salutary of cuts due to lack of circulation. Consult your private MD though. Hope this help.
As a physician I can tell you that the starting point is other the history and the only track to offer a right answer is to have as much information as possible from the forgiving (your age would be helpful). 'Poor circulation' is a vague possession. There is both arterial and venous circulation. Generally when people ask around poor circulation they are asking about the arterial circulation surrounded by their hands and foot. Such a decrease within circulation is most often cause by narrowing of the arteries and is more commonly seen contained by smokers. Poor circulation in its most adjectives sense does not produce symptoms until it is quite advanced. The United States Preventive Services Task Force does not recommend that ethnic group be routinely tested for peripheral arterial disease (the medical permanent status for poor arterial circulation). Most physicians as part of a standard physical examination, and unquestionably as part of the nouns of a person near hypertension, heart disease, heart failure, or diabetes will example the pulses within the ankles and the feet. Typically these pulses will be feel to be diminished long before a human being has symptoms. An example of symptoms would be distress in the calf muscle when walking a indisputable distance because there is scarce circulation. It is now time-honoured that peripheral arterial disease is a coronary risk equivalent. This medium that if a person is found to hold peripheral arterial disease that they enjoy or have duplicate risk as someone with established coronary artery disease. The problem that physicians enjoy is if a person does not hold symptoms, and if the pulses seem to be diminished - do we decree more definitive testing? The US Preventive Services Task Force did not attempt to answer this examine as they are concerned with screening singular - not the question of whether to interview when there are physical findings. In my own practice if I discern that an individual does indeed have diminished divergent pulses on physical examination later I do favor testing. If you provide me beside more specific information I may be able to be of more assistance. I decision you the best of health and may God bless.
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i lost my leg due to me smoking and poor circulation. discolor of your limb OR toes.,numbness,sores that will not alleviate. if you think you own it go to you doctor right away earlier you lose a leg like i enjoy.god bless you

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